Motorola VT100 Body Worn Camera

Elevate your security and accountability with the Motorola Bodycam VT100. Tailored for professionals in diverse fields, the VT100 offers top-tier video and audio recording in a compact, user-friendly design.

Product Features

  • VMS integration
  • Remote alarm activation
  • Compact, slim & lightweight
  • Up to 3 hours continuous recording
  • Six month stand-by battery-life
  • 16GB recording storage capacity
  • Full HD recording
  • Flexible mounting options

What’s In The Box?

  • Body Worn Camera
  • Camera Mount Option
  • USB Cable
  • User Guide


More Information

The VT100 records crystal-clear 720p HD video, capturing every critical moment with accuracy. Its 130° wide-angle lens provides an extensive field of view, ensuring a comprehensive recording of your surroundings. The high-fidelity microphone delivers crisp, clear audio, guaranteeing no detail goes unnoticed.

Built to endure challenging conditions, the VT100 boasts an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance, ensuring reliable performance in any environment. With up to 6 hours of continuous recording, it handles long shifts without frequent recharges. The VT100 supports secure data encryption and integrates seamlessly with Motorola’s VideoManager software for easy and secure data management.

The VT100’s single-button operation simplifies use, allowing effortless start and stop recordings. Weighing just 136 grams, it’s comfortable for extended wear, perfect for daily use.

The VT100 provides a customizable, fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution, fitting smoothly into your existing security infrastructure. With remote alarm activation, it enables control room teams to respond quickly to incidents, enhancing safety and ensuring timely interventions. Designed for ease of use, the VT100 features a user-friendly interface and a discreet, professional appearance. It also integrates seamlessly with existing CCTV systems, offering a comprehensive security solution.

By providing high-quality video and audio evidence, the VT100 enhances transparency and accountability. In private security, it deters incidents and captures vital evidence in real-time. In retail, it bolsters loss prevention strategies and staff safety with reliable, wearable surveillance. In healthcare, it ensures the safety of both staff and patients through discreet and effective monitoring.

Prioritizing a safe working environment, the VT100’s remote alarm activation enables swift incident response by control room teams. Protecting your people and fostering a safety-first culture, the Motorola Bodycam VT100 is more than just a body-worn camera; it’s a comprehensive solution for the demanding needs of various professional settings. Its high-definition video, secure data handling, and durable design make it an essential tool for boosting safety, accountability, and operational efficiency.

Invest in the Motorola Bodycam VT100 and step up to the next level of professional-grade body-worn video technology.


Weight (grams)
Dimensions (mm)
 80 x 51 x 22mm
Storage Capacity 16GB
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Battery Life (hours) >3 Hours
Charing Time <5 Hours

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