Flexible, hassle-free and cost-effective – many IRCL customers choose our favourable hire terms as a quick, convenient alternative to buying two way radios outright. If you only need communications support for one-off or occasional events, you can save yourself considerable sums on purchase prices with our superb pay-as-you-go rental deals.

Over the past 20 years, we have hired out thousands of two way radio systems to clients of all types and sizes. From major sporting events to local community fundraisers, pop concerts to private parties, trade shows to village fetes, we specialise in matching the best available solution to every requirement.

With dozens of hire radios available from leading manufacturers such as Motorola, Kenwood, Vertex Standard and Icom, you can take your pick of the very latest technologies on the best possible terms.

Why Hire?

Depending on your situation, hiring a two way radio out for a fixed period of time has many benefits over buying outright, especially if you only need to use it for a limited period. That is why two way radio hire is such a popular option amongst event organisers.

But the advantages of hiring can also be enjoyed way beyond the events industry. Businesses of all types can take advantage to boost capacity at short notice, adding hire radios to their existing set-up for a limited period. Some organisations also prefer long-term hire deals over purchasing, because it replaces initial purchase costs with ongoing, subscription-like operational expenditure, and also means they will get automatic upgrade to the latest models with each renewal.

Here is a summary of the key benefits of hiring:

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Cost effective solution for short term use.
Only pay for what you use.

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Flexible terms - get radios for as long or short a period of time as you need.

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Access to the latest technology, with repairs and upgrades included.

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Add extra capacity at short notice.

What we offer

When you hire two way radios from IRCL, you get the following as standard:

  • Coverage survey of your intended usage area to determine what equipment will be required for all radios to function reliably across the whole site.
  • Onsite support to help set up your network and, if required, to get your people started with using the handsets.
  • Fast, convenient repairs and replacements if you experience issues with any equipment.
  • Unlimited number of handsets, from a minimum order of just two upwards. Along with your radios, you also get batteries, belt clips and charges, with the option to add other accessories such as earpieces, headsets and carry cases.
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