Whatever you need two way radio for, look no further. IRCL has just the right product for you.

We stock a complete range of two way radios for sale plus all the accessories and supporting equipment you need to get your comms system up and running. Whether you are looking for analogue or digital handsets, licensed or unlicensed, we can help with them all. What is more, our friendly team is always more than happy to listen to your requirements, talk through the options available and help you choose the perfect solution for you.

We stock equipment from all the leading two way radio manufacturers and pride ourselves on bringing the latest models featuring the latest cutting edge technology to our customers. As well as having an extensive range of two way radio handsets for sale, we also supply vehicle radios, desktop base stations, repeater and antenna systems and much more besides.

IRCL are the experts in commercial two way radio solutions, supplying equipment to clients in a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, retail, hospitality and events management.

Get in touch for expert insight into the very latest handsets and best systems for you.

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Entel DX482

Hytera BD615

Hytera PD505

Hytera PD605

Motorola DP1400 Digital

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Entel DX482

Hytera BD615

Hytera PD505

Hytera PD605

Hytera PD665

Hytera PD685

Hytera PD705

Hytera PD715Ex

Hytera PD755

Hytera PD785

Hytera PD795Ex

Hytera TC-320

Hytera TC-446S

Hytera TC-620

Kenwood PKT-23

Kenwood TK-3601D

Kenwood TK-D240

Kenwood TK-D340

Kenwood TK3401D

Lugra Evoke

Lugra LT5100A

Lugra LT5100D

Motorola DP1400 Analogue

Motorola DP1400 Digital

Motorola DP2400e

Motorola DP2600e

Motorola DP3441e

Motorola DP3661e

Motorola DP4400e

Motorola DP4401 EX

Motorola DP4401e

Motorola DP4600e

Motorola DP4601e

Motorola DP4800e

Motorola DP4801 EX

Motorola DP4801e

Motorola SL1600

Motorola SL2600

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