PTT Solution - IDARO

Bringing the best of mobile and two way radio technology together.

What if you could have the reliability, the audio quality and the push-to-talk convenience of a two way radio but with the global coverage of a mobile phone?

Well now you can, thanks to our innovative IDARO solution.

What is IDARO?

The IDARO concept is straightforward – devices that function like a two way radio, but connect to cellular networks like a regular mobile phone.

The age of digital technology has pushed the boundaries of two way radio way beyond the simple functionality of the original analogue walkie-talkies. Nowadays, you can install all sorts of software apps on a digital device to gain all sorts of extra features and functions.

And that’s exactly what the IDARO solution does. Using a software called TASSTA, digital two way radios can be connected to 3G/4G networks, enabling communication with other devices anywhere in the world. All you need is a SIM, just like a conventional mobile phone.

Why the need?

Even as mobile technology has come to dominate telecommunications, business and industry users have stayed stubbornly loyal to two way radio. And for good reason – two way radios offer better audio quality than mobile phones, with durable handsets designed to stand up to the rigours of tough working environments fitted with high-quality microphones and speakers that can cut through background noise.

And then there is the convenience of the push-to-talk button – no scrolling through menus, just instant calling with a single touch.

The only drawback to two way radio is the limited signal range. The fact that two way radio handsets communicate directly with one another – no public network infrastructure needed – means the signal is reliable and strong. But it also means it is limited by the output power of a hand-sized device. At best, that means a range of just a few kilometers.

That’s where IDARO comes in.

Getting started with IDARO

Taking advantage of our best-of-both IDARO solution couldn’t be any easier. All you need is three ingredients – a compatible handset, the appliation and a SIM plan.

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Our handsets

For our IDARO range, we offer a selection of sleek, modern push-to-talk digital handsets which come pre-programmed with TASSTA software so you can get started straight out of the box. Features include:

  • PTT (push-to-talk) buttons as standard
  • High quality enhanced loud speakers and microphones
  • Individual, group and priority calling
  • Emergency features such as one-touch alarms, emergency calling, Man Down and Lone Worker
  • GPS tracking
  • The option to pair with a variety of accessories such as earpieces, remote speaker mics and external PTT devices (e.g. foot pedals, keyboards or external screens for customised operation).

Data plans

Once you have chosen your handset, all you need then is a mobile data plan – which is just like buying a SIM for your mobile phone. We can help you choose the right pay-as-you-go (PAYG) or contract plan to suit your usage needs.

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