Hytera HP705

Hytera HP705 is a digital hand portable – remarkable portability and ruggedness for ease of use across multiple environments and industries.

Product Features

  • AI noise cancellation
  • Energy efficient technology delivering up to 26 hours operation on a single charge
  • 0.9inch OLED display
  • Emergency Button
  • Tested to MIL-STD-810 G and IP68 standards

What’s In The Box?

  • Radio
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • User Guide

More Information

Introducing the cutting-edge Hytera HP705 DMR two-way radio from the next generation HP7 Series, setting new benchmarks in digital radio performance. Crafted for superior portability and ruggedness, the HP705 is tailored for seamless use across diverse environments and industries, embodying the epitome of modern digital mobile radios.

The HP705 prioritizes convenience with its ultra-compact design, measuring just 29.5mm in thickness and weighing a mere 290g. Despite its slim profile, this radio boasts exceptional battery life, delivering an impressive 25 hours of usage on a single charge, thanks to its advanced lithium polymer technology and optimized power-saving design.

Designed for ergonomic efficiency, the HP705 features a minimalist interface with only five controls, including the essential push-to-talk (PTT) button, two programmable buttons for optional features, an emergency alert button, and a channel select switch. Adding a touch of innovation, it incorporates a 0.9-inch OLED mini screen to display the active channel out of its vast 1024-channel capacity, catering to large teams operating in bustling environments.

To combat background noise, a common challenge in busy environments, the HP705 employs forward-facing speakers and AI-based noise cancellation technology, reducing unwanted interference by up to 30dB, ensuring clear and reliable communication in any setting. Additionally, its speaker cavity design efficiently drains away water ingress, enhancing its IP68 rating for waterproofing and dust resistance, making it practically waterproof and suitable for rugged outdoor use.

Built for enhanced signal coverage and connectivity, the HP705 features increased receiver sensitivity, extending coverage range and improving audio quality, even in weak signal areas. With optional Bluetooth connectivity and multi-constellation satellite tracking, teams can stay connected across vast sites, while safety features like GPS/GLONASS satellite tracking, one-touch emergency button, and lone worker monitoring ensure user safety in hazardous environments.

In terms of durability, the HP705 meets MIL-STD-810 G standards for shock and impact resistance, capable of withstanding 2-meter drops onto concrete, making it ideal for demanding work environments. Whether in events management, logistics, manufacturing, or security, the HP705 offers unmatched reliability and performance, empowering users to stay connected and safe in any situation.


Weight (grams) 290
Power Output (watts) 4W (UHF) 5W (VHF)
Frequency (Mhz) UHF:350-470 MHz; VHF:136-174 MHz
Number of Channels 1024
Battery Type 2400 mAH Lithium Ion
Battery Life (hours) 26

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