Hytera BP565

Hytera BP565 is a digital hand portable – gives business users the professional performance they need at prices that won’t put a dent in their budgets.

Product Features

  • 1.77 inch TFT LCD colour display
  • Dual analogue and digital modes
  • Ultra-efficient antenna design for enhanced signal range
  • Digital noise cancellation and howl suppression
  • Extended battery life
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design for convenience

What’s In The Box?

  • Radio
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • User Guide
  • Single Charger

More Information

Hytera’s latest BP5 range of two-way radios is tailored to meet the demanding needs of business users without breaking the bank.

In the past, “affordable” solutions often meant sacrificing functionality. Budget or entry-level two-way radios typically offered basic analogue functionality, lacking screens and advanced features.

However, the BP565 challenges this notion by offering dual-functionality as both a digital and analogue radio with enhanced digital performance. Featuring a full-color screen and advanced functions usually found in premium devices, the BP565 stands out in its class.

The inclusion of a screen provides several advantages. It simplifies the creation and management of call groups, particularly beneficial for supervisors and team leaders. On-face buttons allow for quick navigation through call groups, while displaying call group and zone information for easy identification. Additionally, text messaging offers an alternative to voice-only communication.

As a digital DMR two-way radio, the BP565 seamlessly integrates with existing digital systems while also supporting analogue modes, making it an ideal upgrade for legacy radios.

Similar to its screenless counterpart, the Hytera BP515, the BP565 incorporates an intelligent noise reduction algorithm and howling suppression capability. Coupled with 3W speakers and impressive output power, the BP565 ensures clear audio in any environment, minimizing unwanted background noise and interference.

Signal range is another highlight of the BP565. Equipped with a high-sensitivity receiving module and a high-efficiency monopole antenna, it achieves better call quality even in weak signal areas, surpassing models with traditional antennas.

Reliability is paramount for any business, and the BP565 delivers with an impressive 16-hour operational time on a single charge. Rapid and reliable charging via a Type-C USB charge point further enhances its convenience.

Built to withstand the rigors of daily use, the BP565 meets MIL-STD-810G military equipment standards for thermal and vibration shock. Encased in a durable, wear-resistant chassis, it ensures long-lasting durability in any workplace environment.

Bluetooth capabilities add further flexibility, allowing for hands-free operation with wireless earpieces and microphones. Bluetooth connectivity also enables integration with “beacon” systems for indoor location tracking.

In summary, the Hytera BP565 is a reliable and feature-rich two-way radio designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. With its robust construction, extended battery life, and advanced features, it offers exceptional value without compromising on performance.

Hytera BP5 Series User Environment and Radio Ratings
Designed for durability, each handset in the Hytera BP5 series features a sturdy, wear-resistant body tested to MIL-STD-810H standards. The BP565 is also IP54 dustproof and waterproof, with the option to upgrade to an IP67 unit for full waterproofing, making it suitable for use in various workplace environments.


Weight (grams) 230
Power Output (watts) 4W (UHF) 5W (VHF)
Frequency (Mhz) UHF:400-470 MHz; VHF:146-174 MHz
Number of Channels 128
Battery Type 1500 Lithium Ion
Battery Life (hours) 12 – 16

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